19 Dec 2004
Honed incompetence Those who filled out the Fac 3.01 survey/fan-info response card (included in the initial release of Facd 2.01 Sex and Death) were promised a free Vini Reilly plectrum or a Durutti Column 'The return of...' print. So, the card was dutifully filled in and sent in to Factory Too. And then nothing. For ages. And then the following letter arrived with a 'slightly damaged' poster, itself with the catalogue number Fac 3.11 and all was made clear....

"1st March 1996

Dear Friend of The Durutti Column

You've probably waited a long time for this due to our own honed incompetence, fuckers in London shifting our database around the country like it's the Radio One Roadshow, and finally the fact that Chris Joyce, former Durutti Column drummer, has a building that leaks. The posters that we printed for you were damaged by that leak. We have been waiting to get round to printing some fresh ones, but have decided that 'damaged' goods have their own special appeal, so here it is, the two horsemen from the walls of Strasbourg - slightly damaged.

Yours with love

Bruce, Vini, Sam, Desna and Tony"

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