3 Jan 2006
'Community 2 - A Tribute to New Order' launched 
From NewOrderOnline.com:

Every so often a band appears that somehow seems to inspire a greater number of other musicians than the rest. As a result, other bands are often eager to pay homage to their unwitting mentors in whichever way they can. This happened in 2001, when a total of bands paid their own tributes to New Order and Joy Division under the banner of 'Community' - an album that was the brainchild of Nicolas LeBlanc, Alejo Parella and Mike Nguyen of the fan-based website, NewOrderOnline.

'Community 2' will be similar to the last release, with all artistic aspects of the project being completed 'in house' - by members of NewOrderOnline. As at 1st January 2006, any bands and individual musicians are invited to submit their own cover versions of New Order and/or Joy Division tracks for entry into the online competition to find the best versions for inclusion on 'Community 2'. As before, all tracks received will be entered into the competition and all visitors to NewOrderOnline will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite on a knock-out round basis.

The ten lucky winners will have their tracks featured on the 'Community 2' Album, alongside track by David Potts. For all those interested parties who are not musicians but feel that they could do justice to another artist's recording by creating a great remix, there's the opportunity to submit a remix of 'The Village' by David Potts. There will also be a sleeve competition that will start very soon. The final product will be sent to the band and their management and will be sold with a free compilation of original material from the winning artists.

For full details of how to get one of your tracks in the running for inclusion on 'Community 2', or to submit a remix, visit:

community.neworderonline.com or contact community@neworderonline.com and become part of the Community...

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