3 Aug 2006
Designing Pornotopia: Travels in Visual Culture by Rick Poynor 
Rick Poynor, the expert commentator on graphic design who recently chaired the Factory book discussion at the Cochrane Theatre in London has a new book coming out.

Read this extract from the Amazon.co.uk Synopsis:

In this collection of essays about visual culture, Rick Poynor directs a critical eye at brands, billboards, magazines, architecture, tattoos and trends in cosmetic surgery. A key target is the pervasiveness of sexual imagery in the market place and the media's symbiotic relationship with porn. He revisits the early, 'new wave' work of Peter Saville and Malcolm Garrett and tracks the unstoppable rise of Stefan Sagmeister. 'Designing Pornotopia' challenges the climate of mediocrity that dominates much of our commercial environment, highlights alternatives and considers the way forward.

Published by Laurence King Publishing (Aug 2006)
ISBN: 1856694895

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