16 Nov 2006
Manicured Noise: Northern Stories - 1978/80 
Caroline True Records are back with a great new release from Manicured Noise and their website - www.carolinetruerecords.co.uk - has been revamped.

The Northern Stories - 1978/80 gathers together for the first time almost all of Manicured Noise's recordings including their two singles for Pre/Charisma Records, a BBC session and a wealth of unreleased material.

This enigmatic act formed in Manchester in 1978, the very early days of the band remain a mystery.

Inspired by New York, Television, Ornette Coleman, Talking Heads, August Darnells' Machine, French Soundtracks and Disco Chic-along with a nod to Northern Soul and Moroder, the band cut a singular groove. Early hours inspiration from 70's cop and Kung-Fu soundtracks were incorporated, a good 10 years or more before Massive Attack and Portishead did the same. In doing so, Manicured Noise created a sound that's still difficult to pin down.

"Factory have expressed an interest in the Distractions, the Negatives and current musicians' favourites, Manicured Noise. (Ask Vic Goddard, the Banshees; Wire what they think of M Noise. Politely of course". (Paul Morley NME Dec 1978)

Northern Stories 1978/80 comes with rare memorabilia and sleevenotes by Steven Walsh of Manicured Noise in a deluxe 8-page digi-pack.

Also, free with the initial 100 copies is a limited edition numbered poster with original artwork from the album and original archive pics of Manchester 1977/78 by England's Dreaming author Jon Savage.

Artist: Manicured Noise
Title: Northern Stories - 1978/80
Catalogue number: CTRUE3
Availability: Out now
Price: 10.50 GBP inc P+P CD + Poster

"Difficult fun, ahead of its time and rather good". (Record Collector November 2006)

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