25 Nov 2008
Peter Saville™: I Love Design and Disillusion 
You might want to rethink that graphic design career, at least according to Peter Saville™. In a pair of sobering video interviews for Quark's ilovedesign.com, Saville discusses the pitfalls of 'Commercialism and Design', seeing a "wave of disillusion across the creative profession", and in 'Pop Culture and Design', the 'open opportunities' of working for Factory and New Order, and what is iconic packaging vs. iconic music.

His advice to anyone questioning a design career: "What is it that they actually care about? I think there's nothing worse than being faced with 20 or 30 or 40 years of your life caught up in something you don't care about."

Other ilovedesign.com interviewees include graphic designer David Carson and book cover designer Chip Kidd.

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