25 Jan 2011
FAC 318 Flying Start Exhibition Stand 
Tony Wilson presented many television programmes but many of them were not about music. Flying Start was an Eighties Granada programme in which teams from businesses in the North West of England would compete against each other to win a cash prize. As David Nolan suggests in You're Entitled To An Opinion, it was the forerunner of such modern day hit business-themed shows as Dragons' Den and The Apprentice.

In typical AHW fashion he was unable to separate his day job (Journalist) from his passion, running Factory Records. And so it transpired that the Factory Catalogue number FAC 318 was assigned to an exhibition of Factory artwork at a Flying Start exhibition in May 1991. Information on that particular exhibition is scant-to-non-existent (if anyone knows otherwise, please get in touch).


FAC 318 Flying Start Exhibition Stand

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Blogger Bill Garrett said...

can I comment

10/12/2020, 16:06

Blogger Bill Garrett said...

I was a researcher at Granada on the Flying Start festival which took place at Granada TV studios in Quay Street in 1991, FAC 318 the FS exhibition stand was used buy Factory to exhibit at the show. It had a number of Factory related promotion material including a small card pop out construction of the Hacienda along with tee shirts and other artwork. The stand itself was large printed foam boards with Factory artwork and logos. It was last seen in Princess Street after I dropped it back there with Tony Wilson the day after the exhibition/festival closed. We edited a show which was a round up of the event which was to be transmitted the following day, once Tony had voiced it, he, Yvette and I drove over to Factory HQ to drop it off. I might have a photo of it somewhere. - Bill Garrett

10/12/2020, 16:15

Blogger Bill Garrett said...

by not buy - I can spell

10/12/2020, 16:16

Blogger cerysmatic said...

Hi Bill and thanks for the detailed comment on this. It would be great to see the photo if you can find it. Send it in via the Contact page. Cheers. John.

10/12/2020, 19:16


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