9 Sept 2019
Manchester's only jazz band under 46 years of age 
Kalima press release

"Trickery is the second instalment of essential black vinyl stuff from Manchester's only jazz band under 46 years of age, Kalima. Four songs - 12" diameter. Aural proof that jazz is still vital and relevant in 1985. Kalima had previously been known to those with ears to hear as The Swamp Children, who recorded the remarkable So Hot album way back in the mists of time. 1982 actually, and there weren't that many young bands playing Latin American influenced jazz roaming the streets that August."

This is an extract from a 1985 press release to promote the Fac 127 'Four Songs' 12" single by Kalima. This particular copy is from the Tony Wilson Collection at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.

Read the full Kalima press release from 1985.

Factory catalogue number spotters should note the incorrect assignment of Fact 80 to 'So Hot' by Swamp Children. 'Alma Mater' by The Stockholm Monsters, the true Fact 80, had already been released in autumn 1984 so this must just be a typo.

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