25 Sept 2003
Hung Drawn And Quartered 
Thanks again to Andrew James for alerting me to an upcoming event with a Factory link for which he saw a poster whilst walking thru Shoreditch. The link is an appearance at Aquarium (256 Old Street, London, EC1) by A Certain Ratio at one of the venues or at least some incarnation of the band as their official website has no news of any upcoming gigs.

The event, called Hung Drawn and Quartered is to take place in London's Shoreditch area on Thursday October 2, which will encompass music, film and art at around 17 venues. The event's official website is good for even more info [pop-up alert!].

In Andrew's words, expect a "shed-load of bleepy Warp and Rephlex acts, and many of the Hoxton usual suspects". Well worth investigating. Drop me a line if you're going.

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