25 May 2017
Drinking in the sun 
New Order - Blue Monday lyrics (Sunkist version)

These are the original handwritten lyrics to the famous undone Sunkist version of Blue Monday (and they're also transcribed below) together with a visual reminder of how much money the band turned down ($100,000). Both items are part of the Tony Wilson archive at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

How does it feel
When a new day has begun
When you're drinking in the sun
Sunkist is the one

When you need a taste for living
Sunkist is the one
How do you feel
Tell me now how do you feel

New Order - Blue Monday lyrics (Sunkist version) - $100000

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24 May 2017
FAC 233 Substantial Matters 
FAC 233 Substantial Matters between Joy Division, New Order and Factory Communications Ltd

Fac 233



between Joy Division, New Order
and Factory Communications Ltd

The Summer of Love :-)

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Respect and thanks to those on the sampler 
Noblesse Oblige [FBN 125 / TWI 1234]

Noblesse Oblige (FBN 125 / TWI 1234) is a free sampler CD from Factory Benelux and Les Disques du Crépuscule featuring new and rare tracks from releases in 2016/17, together with several exclusives, and tracks from selected label friends. The line-up includes The Names, The Durutti Column, Paul Haig and Minny Pops.

It's available free when you order two or more CDs, records, t-shirts or card sets via FBN mailorder service (i.e. two or more items in total). It will not be available in the shops.


1. Cathy Claret - Todo Se Va
2. Isabelle Antena - Over You
3. Marsheaux - Treasure
4. White Sea - Gangster No. 1
5. Fritz Catlin - Shooting the Hunter
6. Maxwell Sterling - The Death of Juno
7. Blaine L. Reininger - Demis
8. Jean-Marc Lederman - A Darker Snare
9. Ultramarine - Equatorial Calms
10. Dislocation Dance - Songs That I Like
11. ElutzC!a
12. The Names - Spectators of Life (2013)
13. Minny Pops - Island (Remix)
14. Paul Haig - Do We Have the Time?
15. The Durutti Column - Requiem For a Father (live 1980)

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23 May 2017
Madchester United 
FAC 245 Madchester United

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The 101 on lofts from Tony Wilson 
FAC 101 loft schematic

FAC 101 Tony Wilson's Lofts is a memorable undone Factory Records concept from the pioneering early days of the Eighties. He drew on his experience of New York City to try to convince the authorities in Manchester that they would be a viable proposition but they didn't buy it.

AHW explained thus: "We were visionary in that sense, that lofts would come one day. But we ran out of money - we were too busy with clubs and bars. We tried to explain lofts to people in Manchester and nobody understood it. We actually walked the Manchester Development corporation around a building in Sackville Street, which became lofts ten years later, and said 'These would make great lofts' and they went 'What are lofts?'"

It was thought that was nothing in writing in the public domain to document this FAC number. Well that was true until the discovery in amongst AHW's personal archive papers in the collection of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) of a briefing paper from a chap called 'Ken' (more info needed on who this is) where he sets out "a few initial notes for FAC 101" and includes a generic schematic of a typical loft.

FAC 101 - a few notes on lofts by Ken

Ken sets out the basic principle of what lofts are and concludes: "The development of the loft conversion is obviously in its initial stages in this country and will require a good deal of commitment on the part of local government and developers if it is to become a reality."

Eventually the commitment would come to light and now loft-type apartments are everywhere and not just in Manchester.

The full transcript of the 101 notes is on our sister site factoryrecords.org.

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Peter Saville colour wheel
A Certain Ratio

"Manchester, 1978. In the beginning there were four: Jez Kerr (bass), Martin Moscrop (guitar/trumpet), Peter Terrel (guitar/effects) and Simon Topping (vocals/trumpet). Four thin boys with a name borrowed from a Brian Eno record, the intense, drummerless quartet initially drew influence from Wire, Eno, the Velvets and Kraftwerk, and gained a manager in Anthony Wilson of Factory Records.

"May 1979 saw the release of their first ACR single, the dark All Night Party, although the sound and musicianship of the band would be transformed by the arrival of funky drummer Donald Johnson (DoJo) in August. Over the next few months the band gigged widely, often with Joy Division as part of Factory packages, and recorded demos with producer Martin Hannett as well as a Peel session. Their support slot with Talking Heads on their UK tour in December 1979 set David Byrne on a new course, and provided the compelling live half of their chic cassette package The Graveyard and the Ballroom. Post-punk, ACR now reflected the influence of Funkadelic, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, The Bar Kays and James Brown."

- intro to ACR Biography by James Nice (LTM)

The Durutti Column