19 Sept 2019
Malcolm Whitehead RIP 
It is with great sadness that we announce that Malcolm Whitehead, the lead figure at Factory's video wing, Ikon, has passed away today after a long illness. He was 70.

We will be looking back at Malcolm's life and career in more detail in the coming days and weeks (and thinking about his lasting legacy for much longer than that).

Malcolm is mainly known for his career behind the camera. However, we remember him tonight by showing two notable cameo appearances. Rest in peace.

'Clash of the Titans - Sooty vs Malcolm' - Happy Christmas Eve at the Ha├žienda - Malcolm appears as "Uncle Malcolm":

'Eat Y'Self Fitter' The Fall - promo video shot in and around Fac 51 The Ha├žienda - Malcolm appears as the "Ma-Na-Ger"

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