16 Oct 2003
From Cerysmatic Factory With Love 
Inspired by Tony (or Anthony H) Wilson's All Time Factory Top Ten, Cerysmatic Factory presents one of its own.

1. Fact 45 Always Now by Section 25: Quite possibly the all time classic piece produced by Factory. Designed by Peter Saville.

2. Fact 75 'Power Corruption and Lies' by New Order: Along with the die cut Fac 73 'Blue Monday' sleeve, the first New Order covers of pure genius by Peter Saville.

3. James at Riverside Studios 12 May 1985: James had just finished a UK tour supporting The Smiths (who covered one of James's songs) this was great gig.

4. Haçienda 4th birthday poster by 8vo 1986: A stunning design assembled as a collage of many pieces of coloured paper.

5. New Order at Fac 51 the Haçienda Wednesday June 10th 1987.

6. Fact/d 144 'Domo Arigato' by The Durutti Column: A favourite 8vo sleeve for the video and compact disc of Durutti's Japanese concert.

7. Fac 318 'Classics In Motion' at Fac 51 The Haçienda, 16 October 1990: To celebrate the launch on October 29 of their five new releases on the Factory Classical strand 1990 there were five showcases, in Glasgow, Manchester and London. The Manchester involved The Durutti Column and Steve Martland. Classical music on the Haçienda dancefloor.

8. The artwork and advertising for Fact 275 'Technique' by New Order 1989: Factory turns into an advertising behemoth! Inserts in the NME, giant billboard posters, headed notepaper all featuring Peter Saville's dazzling artwork
9. Fac 211 Wired documentary: Short television documentary centred around the re-release of Joy Division's Atmosphere and the Subtance 1989 compilation. Particularly splendid for featuring Alan Erasmus being interviewed whilst wearing a construction worker's hard hat!

10. Fac 281 'The Area': An afternoon's shopping in Manchester was not complete without a visit to the Area which was tucked away in a corner of Manchester's Afflecks Palace. Fiona Allen, who doubled as box office person at the Haçienda was always game for a chat over the latest Factory developments and a choice range of goodies was on offer. Prenez Votre Desirs indeed.

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