15 Oct 2003
Labelled with Love 
Tony Wilson's Ten Favourite Factory Experiences as recounted in the NME, 25 July 1992

1. The menstrual egg-timer: "By Linder. We never actually did it, but it was there..."
2. Re-doing the vocals for 'Love Will Tear Us Apart': "We were always going to do this when 'Ian got back from America', but of course he never went. We had to re-do the vocals electronically, using the originals."
3. 'Lazyitis': Because it's a round, you know, like a folk round."
4. The Disorder Party: in the basement of the Haçienda after New Order had played G-Mex, December '88.
5. Danny Kelly's review of the Pale Saints at the Town & Country Club (Aw shucks - Ed): "It said that the Pale Saints were OK but after Top of the Pops that same night, when the Mondays and the Roses had been on together, who gives a fuck. The wheel of history, I believed and the review said, had turned on..."
6. The first Acid warehouse party in Manchester, 1988: "In a metal box warehouse near Piccadilly Station. A very hypnotic moment."
7. A Certain Ratio at Hurrahs in New York.
8. Talking to Peter Saville about art: "A constant throughout the 12 years, still happening now."
9. Paul Ryder ringing after Elland Road and thanking me for shouting at the Mondays: "I shouted at them for fucking up America, for all behaving like dicks. They thanked me because they said that sorted them out for Elland Road and Elland Road saw them go from an arena band to a stadium band."
10. A sunny morning driving to London having just taken delivery from Martin Hannett of the mixes of 'Closer' and ACR's 'Flight': "That was just a great moment."

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