6 Oct 2003
They came from Palatine Road 
I'd like to introduce the start of a new page on the classic Palatine 4CD/4LP/4CASS (what no DAT?) Factory box set retrospective, kicking off with the full page HMV advertisement complete with offer of free video.

Palatine comprised 4 individual albums detailing different aspects of the Factory catalogue. It is named after the long time home of Factory Records, 86 Palatine Road which is in West Didsbury, Manchester.

Fact 314 Tears In Their Eyes chronicles the early days with Joy Division and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Fact 344 Selling Out, the commercial singles days.

And inbetween, 'Fact 324 Life's A Beach' the influential dance acts like Quando Quango and 'Fact 334 The Beat Groups' the pop combos like Stockholm Monsters, Miaow, James.

This page will expand and forms part of the ongoing Factory History.

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