27 Nov 2003
Pirelli Peter 
Legendary graphic designer Peter Saville and long-time collaborator, photographer Nick Knight are the men behind the 2004 Pirelli Calendar which has just been launched at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Read the full story here.

The photographer Nick Knight selected illustrated his photos of each of the models featured in the calendar with a quote from the following women from the worlds of art, fashion, literature, music and film. The star-studded line-up comprises Bjork, Catherine Deneuve, Tracey Emin, Marianne Faithful, Heidi Fleiss, Emma Forrest, Courtney Love, Stella McCartney, Catherine Millet, Aimee Mullins, Isabella Rossellini, Emmanuelle Seigner, Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Peter Saville is credited as Art Director for the project. According to Peter, "The Pirelli Calendar has become an institution of the 21st century, so we decided that the women should decide how they would be represented in the 2004 calendar".

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