11 Dec 2003
Die-hard completists don't want it 
This is John Dowie's verdict (from his official website) on his early Eighties release Fac 19 'It's Hard To Be An Egg' which was produced by Martin Hannett. Not quite sure that's entirely accurate as this 7" single in realistic (?) egg colours, some with feather for added realism is a necessity for any self-respecting Factory collection. Earlier Dowie ensured his immortality by appearing on the legendary Fac 2 A Factory Sample (performing 'Acne', 'Idiot' and 'Hitler's Liver'). Dowie's Factory career ended with the eponymous video cassette release 'Dowie' (Fact 89) which featured cover art by Ralph Steadman. More recently John Dowie has co-written and starred in the BBC comedy musical drama for kids 'Dogman' which has recently been issued on video.

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