23 Dec 2003
A Fac-related tale for Christmas from the sleevenotes by Kevin Pearce (2001) to 'Smash The System', the Saint Etienne retrospective...

"So, when colleagues cornered you and asked the dreaded question: 'So what music do you like?', the words Saint Etienne were a godsend. Everyone seemed to know or have a soft spot for the Etienne. And when eyebrows were raised at arms aloft, shirt off antics, it was okay to say: 'Oh, I've been at it since K-Klass learnt to spell. You should come up and see my Saint Etienne 12s sometime.' If you then blew it by saying you swore by an old Network techno compilation with John McCready sleevenotes mentioned Life's Tell Me, then that's fine as the most snobbish electronica anorak approved of your Saint Etienne vs Aphex Twin Who Do You Think You Are 12."

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