28 Jan 2004
Risen from the grave The Esprit website and the The Soul Jazz Records website are carrying varying degrees of information about the forthcoming cd reissue of A Certain Ratio's classic studio/live album 'The Graveyard and The Ballroom' which was previously issued on Factory cassette.

Tracklisting for the CD is as follows: 1. Do The Du, 2. Faceless, 3. Crippled Child, 4. Choir, 5. Flight, 6. I feel, 7. Strain, 8. All Night Party, 9. Oceans, 10. The Choir, 11. The Fox, 12. Suspect, 13. Flight, 14. Genotype/Phenotype, 15. And Then Again (Bonus track), 16. The Thin Boys (Bonus track)

The vinyl edition features the last two cd tracks on a "bonus" 12" single.

Soul Jazz previously issued the ACR compilation 'Early' and also 'In The Beginning There Was Rhythm' featuring ACR, Cabaret Voltaire and (non-Fac) The Human League.

Watch this space for a full illustrated ACR on Factory discography.

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