13 Jan 2004
Thank you very much Screen Edge 
The Domo Arigato video by The Durutti Column (originally released as Fact 144) is now available on VHS video from those nice people at Screen Edge, who have acquired the Ikon catalogue.

Andrew James takes up the story: "Until recently, they had been missing covers for said item, but thanks to the generosity of John "Cerysmatic" Cooper [that's me, Ed.], who kindly loaned his original cover to Screen Edge for scanning, the video is once again available for the very reasonable price of 12.99 GBP for VHS (plus postage).

Not quite an Ikon original, but the next best thing for idiots like me who passed it up first time around, and no silly EBay prices. See www.outlaw23.com for more info and addresses etc."

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