16 Feb 2004
The Shaun Ryder documentary 'The Ecstasy and the Agony' debuted on BBC3 on Sunday night (9pm, repeated at 1:55am). There's also an article in the Guardian on Saturday by the filmmaker Richard Macer entitled 'Straight But Not Great' (a reference to Ryder's current delicate predicament) which includes the classic line about Bez: "Shaun confided in me that most people can't understand a word his friend says and that I might want to consider subtitling him in the film."(!) We should remember that Bez is the man who wrote his autobiography 'Freaky Dancin: Me and the Mondays' in his own phonetic Mancunian patois. But that's why we like him!

Addendum: There's a not-so-complimentary review of The Ecstasy and the Agony in tonight's Evening Standard.


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