7 Mar 2004
Peter Saville on Factory working methods in City Life 518: "New Order disagreed with each other out of principle. This was a committee that was trying to disagree. A perfect example was when I did a piece of artwork which was black and white, a label, and it could be any colour we wanted. They were there so I asked, 'what colour do you want it to be?', Bernard: 'Red', Hooky 'Blue', Steven (help me , I thought): 'I quite fancy green myself.' Fucking hell. 'Gillian, give me two votes on the colour, pleeeease,' 'I quite like yellow.' Rob Gretton: 'I don't see whats wrong with black?' End of meeting, off they go. Rob hangs back: 'Just do it, Peter.' It ended up black and white."

Read the full Peter Saville interview from the same issue of City Life. Thanks again to Conor for help.

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