1 Mar 2004
Factory Congress 
It was a pleasure to meet Dennis Remmer of the Unofficial Factory Records Discography at www.factoryrecords.info in Manchester on Sunday. We swapped stories whilst perusing The Peter Saville Show at Urbis.

The bookshop stocked an interesting and in some cases expensive range of memorabilia associated with the show. The hardback edition of 'Designed by Peter Saville' can be yours for GBP 49.95 (photo soon) or those with really deep pockets can opt for the signed limited edition print of Fac 1 at GBP 165. Those on more of a budget can opt for the free flyers or postcards available in sets of six or individually.

Most interestingly there is a limited edition print of the studio wall tracklisting from the recording of New Order's 'Republic' with tentative titles such as 'Gillian 12 string' together with the one they'd already named, 'Regret' at the top of the pile.

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