16 Mar 2004
Where are they now? 
Since Tim Booth's departure, James have been conspicuous by their absence despite apparently not having officially split. James only recorded two 7" singles and one 'compilation' 12" single with Factory. They joined major label Sire but ran aground culturally and financially and resorted to selling themselves for medical experiments before becoming stadium-filling, million-selling megastars. Here's a brief run through the current activities of the various band members from their whole history. For further info on James check out the official site www.jamestheband.com and the excellent fan site www.oneofthethree.co.uk without whom, etc.

Tim Booth (vocals) recorded a solo album with Angelo Badalamenti (as Booth and The Bad Angel) in 1999, left James in 2001 and is pursuing a solo career with an album slated for summer 2004 release.

Larry Gott (guitar) left the band in 1996 after choosing to spend more time with his family. Has worked on solo material and played in bars/clubs in Manchester.

Jim Glennie (bass) is the last-surviving member of the original line-up. A devout Manchester City fan. No current information on what he's up to.

[edit ] Gavan Whelan (drums), who was the second to leave the original line-up, is producing an upcoming band called Alive after a sabbatical from the music industry. According to the James fan site oneofthethree.co.uk he sometimes joins the band onstage for their storming rendition of Sit Down.

Paul Gilbertson (Guitar) went to school with Jim and was a founding member of the but was replaced by Larry Gott on guitar. He is now a taxi driver in Manchester.

There have been plenty of other band members: Saul Davies (violin, guitar) and Mark Hunter (keyboards) have both been working on Ainslie Henderson's solo debut album. David Baynton-Power (drums) is touring with The Alarm(!). Adrian Oxaal (guitar, replaced Larry) went to school with Saul which stood him in good stead when James needed to replace Larry. Recently played a few gigs in Brighton according to the Jamestheband.com message board. Andy Diagram (trumpet) has played with numerous bands including The Pale Fountains, Dislocation Dance and David Thomas & Two Pale Boys. Currently playing with Hat.


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