19 Apr 2004
The Orch were featured on Fac 2.02 A Factory Sample Too along with Italian Love Party, K-Track and East West Coast. The band played the Fac 2.12 Factory Too launch / showcase event at Fac 51 The Haçienda ["The Orch played confident luscious soundscapes with drum-machine backing and featured guitar and keyboard players along with a singer."]. A brief post-Factory recording career followed and then they split.

Michael Conroy Harris (The Orch, 1993-96) has a few quick words about his official website, the gloriously-titled www.no-show.biz, and his latest music project: "I've just added an Orch discography, such as it is. All this is very weird timing as I've got an album out with my musical collaborator Bruce Magill - comes out on Skinny Dog Records in summer. We're called Superqueens and the album's called Cheap Shots".


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