8 May 2004
New signing 
This recent article on DrownedInSound.com shows that Tony Wilson has finally got his finger out with regard to signing a new band to Red Cellars.

"Tony Wilson, the 52-year-old ex-boss of Factory Records, has signed his first band in over a decade – the first signing to his new label, Red Cellars.

The group are RAW T (Recognise And Witness Talent), four teenagers and a beats producer from Moss Side with an average age of 16. "They're post-Dizzee Rascal grime,” he told Teletext's 'Planet Sound', "Or so I'm told by my son, who knows about these things." He said it’s taken so long to sign another band because "it takes something special to excite me." Their debut single is due in August. He originally spotted them playing last year at his In The City music convention."

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