10 May 2004
Northern Soul 
This in from Agent Nick of bitingtongues.com:

"Biting Tongues (well, Ken Hollings, Graham Massey and Howard Walmsley) will be performing at The Royal Insitution Of Great Britain on Saturday 22nd May 2004 - more info here.

Also, from 20 May to 18 July 2004, there will be a video presentation by Elliot Eastwick at the Urbis Centre, Manchester:

"the sound of two cities"

20 May to 18 July

"A video project by Elliot Eastwick.

The cities of Manchester and Detroit have many musical similarities, from the Northern Soul movement of 70s which adopted the Soul sounds of Urban Detroit, to the DIY nature of the early Detroit garage rock bands who influenced Manchester's punk era, the techno influences of the city on Manchester's club scene, which is still evident today. Both cities are renowned for emotive raw music that echoes the cityscape.

Eastwick's video explores the influence this huge catalogue of Detroit performers and music producers has had on artists from Manchester.

Featured are interviews with Manchester legends including The Hollies, Graham Nash, Carl Craig, Johnny Marr, 808 State's Graham Massey, Anthony Wilson, Doves and many more. Look through the 'hall of fame' to see musicians from both cities, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, George Clinton, New Order, Stevie Wonder, Morrissey.... the list goes on, the beat goes on.... and on.


The Sounds of Two Cities is an Urbis commission"

Many thanks to Nick. Sounds well worth checking out.

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