20 Jun 2004
Designer Mike Nguyen (USA), musician Alejo Parella (Argentina) and webmaster of neworderonline Nicolas LeBlanc (Canada) - all long standing fans of New Order have created a CD as a tribute to their favourite band. Using the vehicle of neworderonline.com they ran a competition for other fans to submit their own cover versions of classic New Order (and Joy Division) tracks and a few from the band's side projects. This kind of compilation CD has been attempted before, yes, but not on the same kind of scale.

Every track on the CD was voted for by subscribers to neworderonline.com, with an elimination round for each batch of tracks, so this CD is truly a representation of the tastes of New Order fans across the world. Accompanying this release is a CD EP, containing further cover versions, both by bands featured on 'Community' and those that didn’t quite fit the mould, but still deserved an airing. That makes twenty four tracks in total – around a third of the total submissions.

The details

Community – A New Order Tribute
Cat no: RETRO-01 (Community Album)
Cat no: RETRO-02 (Community EP)

Release date

1 June 2004


Community Album [information and samples]

kREMLIN - Sooner Than You Think
Captain Black - Procession
Evaluna - Thieves like Us
Labster - Face Up
Project Wintermute - Transmission
Unfaith - True Faith
Cloudless - Some Distant Memory
Slightlynarrow Soundsystem - Heart And Soul
C Bentley - In A Lonely place
Dance Upon Nothing - Bizarre Love Triangle
International - The Perfect Kiss
Flight - Dreams Never End
Spiral Of Silence - Dead Souls
La Fin De Tout - 586
The Minus One - We All Stand
Almanso - Angel Dust

Community EP [information and samples]

Almanso - Ceremony
The Minus One - Dreams Never End
C Bentley - Temptation
Manumatic - Love Less
Almanso - Angel Dust (Remix)
Known Pleasures - Leave Me Alone
Nemesis - Crystal

Some of the featured artists have been faithful to the original recordings and others have approached their favourite tracks in truly original and innovative ways. Regardless of approach, the quality of each cover version on this CD truly speaks for itself and each one reflects the hours of hard work involved. Any one of the featured tracks on the 'Community' project would quite easily stand up as an excellent piece of work on its own – of high enough quality – both performance and production – to be featured in the playlist of any forward-thinking radio station.

To hear streaming audio of the submissions that didn’t make the final release, for whatever reason, please log on to the internet and visit: http://www.neworderonline.com/Community/

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