30 Jun 2004
Whilst ostensibly taking a Fac-break on holiday in New York City it was impossible to completely detune. On the condensed tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) the painting Ariadne, 1913 [Oil and graphite on canvas] by Giorgio de Chirico [official site in Italian] fell into view. Famously, Peter Saville borrowed one of de Chirico's works [The Evil Genius of a King] for the cover of Fac 103 Thieves Like Us. In his book, 'Designed by Peter Saville' he recalls, "Trevor (Key) and I had long wanted to do a metaphysical piece, and I decided Thieves Like Us would be the last piece of straight historical referentialism. 'It's called "Thieves Like Us", so let's just do it.'.

Another day, another museum: this time Frank Lloyd-Wright's 1950s masterpiece the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. Towards the end of the 'Speaking With Hands' photography exhibition, there was a piece by Barbara Kruger who once designed a poster for The Perfect Kiss for New Order:

[from the Of Factory New York catalogue]
"The Perfect Kiss film poster, 1985
red, white & black
24 1/2" x 24 1/2"
Designed by Barbara Kruger"

Inevitably museums end in the shop and in the Guggenheim's there was a Lawrence Weiner book entitled 'Nach Alles / After All', which documents the exhibition of the same name at the Guggenheim in Berlin.

Thanks to OMNY for hospitality.

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