22 Jun 2004
The Portal 
The Portal is the brand new music project of Carolyn Allen and Gerard McInulty (alias Caesar), who are formerly main members of Factory band The Wake. Their first recording titled 'Jesus From The Block' is on the French compilation album POPvolume#4. Visit popnews.com (and follow the links to POPvolume#4) for a full tracklisting and details of how to buy. An English language version of information is available. The Portal's sound so far is a meditative and minimalist mix of guitar, keyboards and echoing drums loaded with dual vocals and surreal storytelling: "Jesus from the block / His beard grows long / He is turned away from Starbucks..."

The track was recorded and (un)mixed by Steven Clark at 7A Recording Studio in Glasgow, Scotland. The compilation is only available in French stores and through the POPnews website. Caesar's editorial "About Music" for the POPnews webzine, written in 2002! around the time of the LTM Wake reissues, is presently available here.

The details

Personnel: Carolyn (vocal and keyboards) and Gerard (vocal, acoustic guitar and drums)
Duration: 4:23

Check out The Wake's official website.

Thanks to Caesar for info.


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