12 Aug 2004
2410-2418 AD 
LTM now has the following new release titles by Anna Domino in stock:

LTMCD 2410 'Mysteries of America / Colouring In The Edge and the Outline' [Tracklisting: Home, Pandora, Paris, Bonds of Love, Isn't That So, Tamper With Time, Bead/9.15, "Oh Beautiful…", Dust, Luck, Clouds of Joy, Tyranny (Of Your Company), 88, Perfect Day (No, He Says), Always Always, Stand Apart.]

LTMCD 2418 'Dreamback (Best Of)' [Tracklisting: Rhythm, Summer (7"), Take That, Caught, Zanna, Time For Us, She Walked, Tempting, Lake, Hammer, Luck, 88, Bonds of Love, Tamper With Time, Dreamback, Land of my Dreams.]

Also available: Winston Tong LTMCD 2382 'Theoretically Chinese'

As ever, all new CDs may be ordered ahead of the store release date by direct mail order from LTM. Just email them to place your order.


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