13 Aug 2004
Damp squib 
Last night's Manchester Evening News trailed the UK leg of Madonna's World Tour with a piece recalling her appearance at Fac 104 The Tube live from Fac 51 The Hacienda.

Moist, the unnamed punter in the article, reveals a tad more about the event and would like to make the point that it was most definitely not a gig: "I'm afraid Madonna never actually 'played' at the Hacienda. She, and two lycra-clad muscle men, were filmed for 'The Tube' miming and dancing their way through a backing tape of 'Holiday'. This is known in the music business as a PA, not a concert, and involved no backing band and certainly no singing.

"She was reputed to have 'played' again when the filming of 'The Tube' finished and the club re-opened for the usual Friday club night but, apparently, she did nothing other than sit in the dressing room being chatted up by various dodgy Mancunians.

"It has always been a mystery to me as to who invented the myth of a Madonna concert and why it has lasted so long. I'd be interested to hear how many people tell you otherwise - they are mistaken or fibbing."

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