22 Aug 2004
The Times on Saturday had a great interview with Tony Wilson and Shaun Ryder together with new and old pics by Kevin Cummins. Titled 'Monday's child still mad for it' it reviews the past and neatly ties in with Get Loaded In The Park.

Shaun on the Happy Mondays back catalogue: "It has been years since I listened to some of our old songs. I was listening to Mad Cyril, and I had to ask Tony what it was! I could tell it was us, but I’d forgotten it. It were good, too. I don’t know why I thought it was shit when I wrote it."

There's also a short guided tour of Kevin Cummins's finest Mondays photos [in the printed 'Eye' version of the article only] including a great Cummins anecdote: "Tony introduced me to Shaun by saying: 'Kevin's photographed the Sex Pistols and Ian Curtis'. Shaun goes: 'So what? They're fuckin' dead!' I asked what they wanted, and they said: 'We want our picture taken with Rambo.'"

A footnote to the article says the the first single by Raw-T on Red Cellars (F4 Records) will be released in September.

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