9 Aug 2004
Tony Wilson's Questions of Doom 
Questions of Doom More AHW-related goings on in this questionnaire on the Poptones website in which "Tony Wilson faces Poptones.co.uk's QUESTION OF DOOM about his new record label Red Cellars, New Order, Joy Division, Grime, Raw-T, Hacienda, Happy Mondays, Factory, Twenty Four Hour Party People and the new projected film about Ian Curtis."

Particularly interesting is the part where Tony explains why his new label is called Red Cellars and not Factory 3: "My partner asked me if I minded if we didn't use the Factory name this time- like Factory 2. I told him: 'I wasn't bothered'. So he came up with Red Cellars - which was fine and even finer when he explained he took it from the same paragraph that Rob Gretton got the name Hacienda from - so I rather liked that connection."

Thanks again to Moist.

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