2 Aug 2004
Very Eighties ... 
Those Cerysmatic Factory Video Vote results in full:

1. 'True Faith' by New Order - dir. Phillippe Découfflé (Loads of people in funny costumes dance and bounce around to the music interspersed with the band performing. Won the BPI Award for Best Video in 1987. New Order still performed it live on Top of the Pops.)

2. 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division (One Door Closes.....)

3. 'The Perfect Kiss' by New Order - dir. Jonathan Demme. This was shot in New Order's rehearsal room in Cheetham Hill. They got a 24 track mobile studio in to record the music - it was played live. The two blokes that appear unannounced are Andy Robinson, now part-manager of New Order with Rebecca, and Slim, now 'Door Manager' at the Manchester University Student Union. For some reason everyone thinks the appearance of Slim in the video is, in fact, Arthur Baker. It isn't. The Perfect Kiss went on general release in the cinema as a support picture to Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme's seminal concert film of Talking Heads.

4. 'WFL' by Happy Mondays dir. The Bailey Brothers

5. 'Step On' by Happy Mondays (The 24 Hour Party People website article on The Bailey Brothers tells the story: For the shoot of the 'Step On' video, the crew shipped out to Barcelona. Locations were set for the five day shoot. Everyone was ready, but the band wasn't there. "We were waiting in Barcelona for the best part of four days, without having heard anything from anybody in terms of when they were going to turn up." recalls Keith. "They turned up to do the video at 3 o clock on the last day we were in Barcelona. We had something completely different planned, obviously, and we had locations that we were going to go to and we had this whole video planned out. With a day to go we were accepting that we were going to have to change that quite radically, and with three hours to go, we were literally thinking on our feet 'what's the only plausible thing we can do in the three hours?'" The promo was shot in and around the hotel they were staying at, with Shaun sitting on top of a huge neon E sign. The Director of Photography frantically tried to grab as much footage as possible as the sun set, but left feeling they didn't have enough footage. "We showed him the finished video and he loved it. We did tend to shoot lots of super 8, there was lots of other stuff around, not just the Super 16 camera going - so he was quite surprised that there was some other stuff dropped in.")

6. 'Confusion' by New Order (Ignore the crap subplot about the girls going to the disco. This basically shows you the early New Order mid dance-epihany in NYC and captures a pivotal moment, in a shoddy and amateurish way - so very Factory!)

7. 'Wrote For Luck' by Happy Mondays dir. The Bailey Brothers.

8. 'Shack Up' by A Certain Ratio (original Factory video for Palatine)

9. 'Bizarre Love Triangle' by New Order - dir. Robert Longo ("I don't believe in reincarnation because I refuse to come back as a bug or a rabbit!")

10. 'Run' by New Order - dir. Robert Frank, produced by Michael Shamberg

Honourable mentions to ... 'Nightshift' by The Names, 'Genius' by Quando Quango, 'New Horizon' by Section 25, 'The Smiling Hour' (Ann Quigley leaves work in Sunley Tower, Manchester and goes out for a drink at Corbieres) by Kalima, 'Sounds Like Something Dirty (Live on The Tube)', 'Back To The Start', 'Knife Slits Water' by A Certain Ratio, 'Lazyitis' (in prison where they belong playing footie in the pissing rain, Karl Denver catching pneumonia) by Happy Mondays, 'Here To Stay', 'Round & round', 'Shellshock', 'Fine Time', 'Blue Monday', 'Ceremony' by New Order, 'Laid' by James (strictly ex-Fac), 'My Rising Star' by Northside, 'The Missing Boy' and 'Domo Arigato' by The Durutti Column (the second one a long-form entry that sneaked in), 'Eat Y'Self Fitter' by The Fall (on an IKON video release), 'Get The Message' by Electronic, 'Talk About The Past' by The Wake.

Thanks to everyone who voted and also those who provided annotations. You know who you are.

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