30 Aug 2004
World of Pain 
Subtitled "10 troublesome album covers and the problems they caused" this list in Q Magazine's The 150 Greatest Rock Lists Ever features two well known Factory releases...

9. The Durutti Column 'The Return of The Durutti Column' "All Factory acts were press-ganged into glueing this this sandpaper sleeve by hand; the bulk by Joy Division's Ian Curtis. It was soon re-issued in a standard sleeve after retailers moaned that the sandpaper damaged other records in their racks." Which was the point in the first place.

10. New Order 'Blue Monday' "Peter Saville's floppy disc-inspired design was inspired by the computer-dominated music. However, the sleeve was so expensive that each copy of the biggest-selling 12" single ever sold actually cost the band and label money. The sleeve was simplified at each repressing."

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