16 Sept 2004
Hello, you're on the air 
Anthony H Wilson guested on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 show on Monday 13 September and you can listen to it online until next Monday. Topics of conversation included:

- In The City: costs £700 bands in 70 venues; costs 0.5m to put on and once they've paid everyone, including Bruce Mitchell's light and sound company, they don't make anything, honest.

- <24 Hour Party People - Tony was pleased because he came over as "a relatively nice person" whereas anybody who knows him knows he is "a complete asshole"!

- The music industry: "To really be in the music industry you have to be born in 1950."

- The Keith Barret Show: Yvette, his partner, still hasn't forgiven him for it apparently.

- The Perfect Kiss video (Fac 321); directed by Jonathan Demme, cost £140,000 and no-one has ever seen it!

- oh, and the 'H' is for Howard...


- - - -