11 Sept 2004
The Durutti Column's live session on the Radio 2 Mark Radcliffe Show on Wednesday 8 September 2004 featured the following tracks:

Sealine / Woman
My Mum / Requiem for my Mother

Mark introduced Vini Reilly who in turn introduces the band: "Bruce Mitchell as always on drums. He is the superhero who saves other planets." He went on to explain that he and Bruce have played together for "23 years, man and boy". Completing the line-up, Vini introduced Keir Stewart as the producer, bassist and harmonica player and Rachel McFarlane on "keyboards and samples and smiling winsomely at me."

After the last track which features an especially stupendous guitar solo by Vini, host Mark Radcliffe thanks him for his "guitar heroics" which were promised earlier in the evening. The live tracks are available in a streaming playback service until next Wednesday [RealPlayer required].


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