27 Sept 2004
Ronnie Scott's Durutti Column 
Ronnie Scott's setlist by The Durutti Column tonight:

1. Sketch for Summer [Vini Reilly, Bruce Mitchell, Keir Stewart]
2. Otis [VR, BM, KS] [with a trace of Blind Elevator Girl at the end. Vini: "Thanks for coming. We don't know what we're doing. Some have you have come a long way. Thanks for listening to our funny little tunes."]
3. Jacqueline [VR, BM] [a shorter version than of late, without extended piano end]
4. Spasmic Fairy [VR, BM, KS] [Keir Stewart on harmonica]
5. Never Known (?) [VR, BM, KS, John Metcalfe on viola]; track sounded like Never Known with some local variations; [Vini: "That's John Metcalfe, he does it every time!" (as John plugged in a squall of feedback ensued); then after: "John Metcalfe! No rehearsal!!"]
6. Somebody's Party [Vini solo]
7. The Missing Boy [VR, BM] ["I don't believe in stardom, machinery in action"]
8. The Beggar
9. Woman [VR, BM, KS]
10. Requiem for Mother [VR, BM, KS] [Vini making prodigious amounts of feedback as Keir and Bruce laid down the groove; Amy: "I thought I saw fire coming out of his guitar"]
- -
11. Revolver [VR, BM, KS] ["Shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter..."]

Thanks to Vini, Bruce, Keir, John, Phil, Andrea, Federico, Alexandre and his mates, Alex Kooky, and love to Amy for putting up with me.

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