12 Sept 2004
Silent but deadly 
Listen to samples of two recently recorded demo tracks by Silent Partners the new unsigned band featuring Dermo, latterly of Northside. The titles are Killer and News of the World.

Those of you who fondly remember Northside during the heady days of Manchester may have wondered what happened to the second album. Dermo, talking recently on the SP Messageboard, takes up the story: "We recorded a 2nd LP (DEMO) - it sounds fuckin' great mate. Never got released cos Factory went under just after we made it. It's a bit rawer and dirtier than Chicken Rhythms. Top tracks like Mr. Brown, Cool Idea, Pleasuredome, Lights Out, etc, etc. Ah, it's all coming back to me now ha ha. To be honest, I think it's absolutely criminal that this LP was never released or even heard. Maybe one day , ay?"


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