11 Oct 2004
Another illusion 
The history lesson continues, complete with typos:

FAC 11: Exodus or An Exodus; English Black boys; exactly that and it's also the title of the song; black youth anthem on 45 12inch. They come from Hulme/Moss/Range. Recorded at Cargo Rochdale in June; still waiting for Producer, Denis Bovell to mix it down; he's in the Bahamas this week; on holiday. Now he's got a reasonable economy ... will be released....when Denis gets back.... when?

FAC 12: The Distractions; 'Time goes by so slow' 7inch 45rpm B/W Pillow fight. Reminds the management of AAustinTexas 66 but take your choice. 'lyrical, sophisticated, dynamic'(NME)(who's paying this guy). Distractions are Manchester five piece who signed to island records on Sep 18th'79, due to irresistible desire to play the game. This single has sold out its first 4,200 (2,000 labels went down at the Factory..you've got problems) reprint and press under way even now. First release on Sep 1st '79. The boys and ? are evn now preparing to support the Undertones..thank you Asgard, and will be passing everybody's way in late October.

FAC 13: Joy Division;, 'Transmission' bw 'Novelty'. "Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio" but will they. I.E. the radio one game. Out in Mid October, just in time to miss(by days) Joy Divisions country wide tour supporting Buzzcocks . All these supports/crutches/friends of mine etc. 'Novelty' is just that being the first song ever wrote two years ago. 'transmission' was prmiered, showcased even, on BBC)-2's "Something elsse" show on Sep 15th '79. Should Factory choose (that's another illusion) to play the chart game with FAC 13.....negotiations under way even now with big stall owners; J.Lydon;"we employ them..don't they understand". We're not sure they do;; further instalment next month.

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