18 Oct 2004
Fraternal greetings 
From the Factory Shareholder's Analysis 1979, Fac 14-16 (with teaser for 17-21):

FACT 14: The Durutti Column; 12" LP 33 and a third. Instrumental album by (as in composed/played) Vinny Reilly and Gordon Smith guitar. Produced by martin hannett, to be issued in Mid October in sandpaper sleeve plus Flexi disc test card by M.Zero. Confusacritic time.

FAC 15: 'Zoo meets Factory half way': Leigh open air pop festival, Bank Holiday Monday, Aug 2 '79. Poster and event. CChaos, Distractions, ACRatio, Teardrop OMITD, Echo and B.? Joy Division. 'A staggering event'(Ss) 300 White on black posters; all put up.

FAC 16: A Certain Ratio; four track demonstration/seven tracks; featuring post-modern funk classic, 'Flight' For possible release(200) on cassette. Lateoct.

FAC 17 & 18 & 19 & 20 & 21: see next issue. Fraternal greetings to jean-pierre Turmel, the Scala, City Fun, Final Solution, Naylor's abrasives, KTIM SF, Greg Shaw, Jurgen Kramer, Uncles Savage / Morley / Penman / Gill / Middles / Bell and of course Uncle John, and Auntie Mary, and Andy Schwartz, Printed Noise, Ed Bahlmann, Zercom/Pacific/R.T./V.W./ and everybody else without those valiant efforts we would never have been able to hire a lawyer. The only alternative to the spectacle becomes the spectacle of the alternative. Discuss.

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