29 Oct 2004
The Factory catalogue parts 17 to 24 
In the ongoing occasional serialisation of the Factory Shareholder's Analysis brings us to the END OF YEAR '80 edition:

[Fac 17, promised at the end of the September 1979 analysis is mysteriously omitted]

FAC 18 Section 25/"Girl's Don't Count". Reissued early December in 12" version. Horrendous sleeve courtesy of musicians. Nice collage though. S25, "most underrated ...... in the country" ....re K.Hewick. S25 also FAC BEN and video; next project for them, an album, recording February. Single 12" 45 rpm

FAC 19 John Dowie/"hard to be an egg" this has taken a long time to get out, but it has been worth it. Factory's first major assault on Radio Two. Secret deely sleeve concept. Of note: Hannett/Hopkins cello effects plus, Easter single tactic. Out late Feb early March.7" 45 rpm

FAC 20 "Too young to know...too wild to care". The film has become a video.. has become a series of surrealistic sketches. Will change again. No date No time.

FAC 21 The badge; April '81. Enamel and chrome "F" as in "fractured. Small. Black or maroon with silver/cream. Possibly. Contact Better badges, Jolly, Portobello Road..... and ask him about bootlegs. He can be embarrassed.

FAC 22 A Certain Ratio/"SFlight". Fine. Out now. Don't you feel bad about not buying FAC 5 when you had chance. Label on 22 was wrong due to consistent mind-changing over just what was the single track side. The one with the Bonne engraving IS "Flight". 12" 45 rpm

FAC 23 Joy Division/"Love will tear us apart" Available in 7" or 12". Sound quality on double B-side much better on 12". Obviously.

FACT 24 A FACtory Quartet/The Durutti Column, Kevin Hewick, Blurt, the Royal Family and the Poor. Double album.. Bit late; sleeve delays, lots of embossing. Four very different approaches to the idea of saying something. Vini&Kevin may do joint 4-set gigs in New Year. Blurt doing something for FAC BEN next and the Royal Family may get into xxxxxxxxxx. O.K. 2@ 12" 33 rpm

Thanks to Sebfact for transcription.

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