1 Oct 2004
The history lesson (part iv) 
Continuation of an occasional serialisation of the Factory Newsletter and Shareholder's Analysis, September 1979:

Fac 6: Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark (sic); 'Electricity' & 'Almost' 7' 45 rpm. Cult hit, discos even. 5,000 in May'79 in black on black thermographed sleeves. Sold out. Record now licensed to Dindisc, Virgin's new label; to engage in the chart game as of Sep 28th '79. Necessity for licensing 'the best example of this to date'(NME) is regretted but the big stall holders seem to fill the square (chart shops) and subletting is an enforced activity. News; OMITD, both of them are about to signa major record contract, who with.... ask Chester Valentino. That's OMITD manager/mixer; he has changed his name. The boys are support on the Tubeway Army tour. Thanks, Gary; huh.

Fac 7: This is it; finished product will be thermographed grey on white onion skin paper, probably finished by 1981, maybe we can sell some.

Fac 8: Factory egg timer; menstrual art, designed by Linder (Secret Public,Ludus, Orgasm Addict montage) Still on drawing board; A four bar Abacus; 7 beads to the row final five, bload soaked lint; looking for a manufacturer. Perhaps on sale in inaccessible places by Christmas.

Fac 9: Factory Flick; 8ml film, 12 minutes. Based on article in City Fun fanzine by Liz Naylor, 'No city fun' Music by Joy Division; FAC 9 also includes All Night Party, a three minute Lelouch/Popeye is erotic 30's poses montage with music by ACR. Plus Red Dress, a cartoon/animation/unlive action 3 minuter to music by Ludus. These films were shown at the Scala Cinema, Tottenham Court Road, London on September 13th '79. A showing at the Manchester Factory is being planned; also shown at Scala was another 8ml film by Malcolm Whitehead (The first three are by Charles Salem all about guess who..JD..includes live footage of JD at the Bowden Vale youth club doing Shadowplay and She's Lost Control. FAC FLIK plans... tentative..include an all speaking film by Mr Whitehead a spy / thriller / Joseph Conrad / suspense piece by Charles Salem featuring an ACR soundtrack.

Fac 9 (cont): Also planned 'In search of the lost chord' by Salem and Naylor. An SF sojourn through the mathematics of western tonal mathematics. Music by M. Hannett (partner and producer of 5,6,2a,2b,10,13,14,Spiral scraaatch etc NB to NB on Fac 7 - 'sell some' - work on Lost Chord is held up for understandable misgivings on the part of Miss Naylor on the question of this all pervading concept of 'product'. She wants to know when we're going to market toilet paper. Good question. Next.

Thanks to Seb for transcribing duties.

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Biting Tongues

In the grey days of late 1970s post-punk Manchester, youth culture was a serious affair: every musical performance was measured mostly by the conviction of its delivery. The term 'New Wave' opened up free vistas where acquired skills could once again be exercised after punk's monochrome blur. It could be applied to anything from a James 'Blood' Ulmer record to the latest Throbbing Gristle release, Magazine to Swell Maps. Move outside that terrain into Sun Ra, Parliament, Frank Sinatra and Martin Denny, and your options were suddenly without limit...

Then came Tony Wilson's Factory Club (at the Russell Club in Hulme) offering an open invitation to experiment that was taken up when Ken Hollings, Howard Walmsley, Eddie Sherwood and a few others decided to make some noise to accompany their 16mm silent epic Biting Tongues. A further performance followed a few weeks later, when Colin Seddon and Graham Massey disbanded their Post Natals project and joined up. The film itself, a flashing series of negative images, became a memory; the name remained.

- extract from the LTM Biting Tongues biography

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