12 Oct 2004
This is Entertainment 
There is a new Cabaret Voltaire dvd out called Doublevision Presents; Cabaret Voltaire. This originally appeared with the catalogue number DV 1 on good old-fashioned video cassette (VHS/BETA) back in the mid-Eighties. Although Doublevision didn't strictly have any connection with Factory (it was a communications company founded by Cabaret Voltaire and Paul Smith in 1982) their releases were officially distributed by Of Factory New York, and appeared in their mail-order catalogue, but they were not assigned OFNY catalogue numbers.

Title: Doublevision Presents; Cabaret Voltaire
Label: Doublevision
Catalogue number: CABS18DVD
Tracklisting: Diskono, Obsession, Trash part 1, Badge of Evil, Nag Nag Nag, Eddie's Out, Landslide, Photophobia, Trash part 2, Seconds Too Late, Extract from Johnny YesNo, Walls of Jericho, This is Entertainment, Moscow

Thanks to C and OMNY.

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