25 Oct 2004
We call him Massey 
BBC Manchester has a great interview with Graham Massey to tie into the recent release of the 808 State / New Order acid house remixes. The following extract explains the tracks' origins: "Dating back to 1988, the tunes were never intended for release but were staples of 808 State's early live gigs. 'We used to do them in our set really early on because it was just something that people would recognise,' says Massey. 'It was kind of catering a little bit because the rest of it was so abstract.' The Blue Monday remix was also used as an unofficial theme tune to Jon Da Silva’s legendary Hot night which ran at the Hacienda between June and December 1988 - acid house’s extended summer of love."

Read the full article here.

More Manchester music news from the BBC available here.

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