5 Nov 2004
Liquid The December 2004 issue of UNCUT magazine has a review of The Best of the Durutti Column [about time too! Ed.], an extract of which follows, "... over the last 25 years Vini Reilly has explored a liquid, airy form, notes bent by the other gravities and atmospheres of whichever planet Martin Hannett now calls home."

Title: The Best of The Durutti Column

Label: Warner

Catalogue number: 5046753932

Release date: 11 October 2004

There are also reviews of the Magnetic Fields back catalogue which has also been reissued by "a newly flushed Domino - that's 132 songs in total - they chart his gentle ascent as a kind of F Scott Fitzgerald fronting The Field Mice concern to becoming America's equivalent to Morrissey; a witty, bookish cause célèbre."

Label: Domino

Titles: The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees, The House of Tomorrow, Holiday, The Charm of the Highway Strip, Get Lost, 69 Love Songs

Labels: ,

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