17 Nov 2004
Profound The Magnetic Fields have just announced shows in Austin and Houston to round out their U.S. Southeast tour in December.


2-3 Alexandria, VA

4 Durham, NC

6 Atlanta, GA

7 Miami, FL

9 Orlando, FL (Two shows)

10 Austin, TX

11 Houston, TX (Two shows)

Check the House of Tomorrow for further info. The Houston shows will most likely be the band's final ones for the year.

And there's more... New York City locals take note! Stop by the Clubhouse at 9th Street and Avenue C every Monday night (*) from 9pm to 3am for a bubblegum / glam / sugar pop / lounge mix hosted by Stephin Merritt and DJ Satisfaction Pony and known to the world as The Profoundly Incredible Tentacle. *= SM is AWOL, on tour Monday, December 6.

Thanks to the House of Tomorrow newsletter for info.

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