11 Dec 2004
Inefficiency Dialectic 
FAC 31 The Mini-Pops/"Dolphin Spurt". OMITD with balls etc. From Holland. 7" 45 rpm Wally(MP’s); "Jah, it vaz verry strange working with Martin. Much time no happen. Sitting..nothing.""Sometimes he goes to sleep" "Jah.. sleep.. sleep under mixing desk..Jah." The price of art etc. Phillips to sue Martn Atkins for superb sleeve.

FAC 32 Crispy Ambulance/"Unsightly and Serene". 10" 45 rpm. Out now. Labels my be wrong way round on this one too...we cvan’t check cause we pressed too few... ..sez Rob and we don’t have any. We may have more. See Claud Bessy’s English overview in last Slash for detailed understanding of inefficiency dialectic.

FAC 33 New Order, "Ceremony"/"In a lonely place" recorded at Eastern Artists New Jersey, at the mere cost of a van load of equipment. Are they Playing Shadowplay in Brookly etc. 7" and 12" 45rpm, release late Feb

FAC 34 E.S.G. Emerald Sapphire and Gold from the Bronx, actually from P.R., Again recorded East Orange, N.J., produced by Hannett in party dress. ..the girls in party dress. Minimalist Supremes. Car driven by Ed Baih- lmann/99. "You're no good" 7" 45/33rpm. Early March.

FACT 35 A certain Ratio; "To Each...." 12" 33rpm. Also recorded blah blah and all we/they lost was a set of congas and Pink Floyd's lighting transfor mer...so bloody heavy...the pain of this one. Mixing; Hannett.v.Ratio res. a bitter draw. "Felch / My Spirit / Forced Laugh / Choir / Special Place for your hands / The Fox / Loss / Oceans / Dusk-Winter Hill" Long album huh???

Thanks again to Seb for transcribing.

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