13 Dec 2004
Realise and Witness 
The first release by RAW-T is a limited edition vinyl 12" single "Switch" b/w "Intro" (R1 M15). F4 Records has already sent out 25 very special, limited copies of the "Switch" white label to key people. The regular single is released today and distributed by Pinnacle.

A second release, a CD single, "Where We Live" (R2 M15) is planned for mid-January. Videos for 'Switch' and 'Where We Live' are also in the can and were produced and directed by Phil Shotton for F4.

The album, "Realise And Witness" (R4 M15) produced by Raw-T's Dellano Taylor (DT) and mixed, engineered and co-produced by Injekta and Zed Bias at Phuturelounge in Manchester, will arrive in late February.

RAW-T are four MCs, Solja, Dreade, Mack D and Little G; beats man, Dellano Taylor (DT); and two DJs, Flair and DJ Que.


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