27 Jan 2005
"Unswerving aesthetic dimensions" 
Our journey through the main Factory catalogue part of the Shareholder's Analysis End Of Year '80 concludes with Fact 37 to Fact 50. The further sections on Factory Benelux, Factory US and "Other projects" will follow. The typos and spelling mistakes from the original hand-typed version are again reproduced here in all their glory. Thanks as ever to Sebfact for transcription duties.

FACT 37 Joy Division ; as yet untitled. 3hr VHS cassette. Complete J.D. video. three concerts plus three TV's of variable picture/sound quality but unswerving aesthetic dimensions. Mail Order perhaps by June. Don't apply now until price is announced. Buy yourself a cassette player first anyway... doesn't work on the turntable son.

FACT 38 "Reality is 3/4inch wide." One hour VHS of Factory promo U-matics, same deatils as above....WAIT etc.

FAC 39 Tunnelvision; "Watching the hydroplanes" 7" 45rpm. Sum more lads frum Blackpool. Great techno-ballad. Out March/April.

FACT 40 Joy Division: "Still"; double album, one live, one full of all the tracks people keep complaining they haven’t got..bleeding elitists.. ..etc..to seal the past, undercut the bootlegs and leave open the tree-lined avenues for 50 etc.

FAC 41-4 Undetermined except plans for Hewick single and Reilly album underway. ...whaddyamean we're not taking the backlash seriously.

FACT 45 Section 25 ; album, first, to be recorded at Brittannia Road in February. Demos already completed…let’s hope the sleeve concept's...

FACT 50 New Order... an album probably....or maybe just a nice picture of Hookey like what they had in Sounds. Demo's just completed for this one at Cargo. Latest on the announced gig circuit;"Middlesborough is a hole." Surprised.

Of particular note in this final portion of the Analysis is Fact 38 which is the unfinished and unreleased Below The Canal video by A Certain Ratio. The 'Factory Newsletter and Shareholders Analysis No. 5 September 1981' elaborates further on what this would have contained: "2 Hours. Early promos 'Forced Laugh'/'Shack Up', live from Music Machine and Heaven. 'Back to the Start', 'Crippled Child', TV stuff from Manchester and Milan, M. Shambergs 13 minute 'Tribeca' from the New York loft, plus art... lots of art. Post-synched erotica by Johnson. Available by December/January, same price and arrangements as 37 in similar apropos bridge bag with G&L flip-top convertible." The 'Tribeca' video clip eventually surfaced on Soul Jazz Records ACR enhanced CD compilation 'Early'.

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