7 Feb 2005
Death From Above 
According to the cover story in (The) WIRE magazine, the DFA label acronym stands for 'Death from Above' from Crispy Ambulance no less. DFA are from NYC, are the producers of The Rapture and are credited with kickstarting the whole neo punk-funk revival. DFA are James Murphy & Tim Goldsworthy. Murphy's side project is LCD Soundsystem (whom the article in question is largely about) whilst Goldsworthy used to be in UNKLE. Unfortunately the Crispies reference is not available online but you can read the full unexpurgated interview text. 'Death From Above' is a track on the album The Plateau Phase (FBN 12) originally released in March 1982.

Thanks to OMNY and the Crispy Ambulance Discography.


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